Silvio Canonico Wedding Photographer
Italian Wedding Photographer … that sums me up in a nutshell !!!
I’m Silvio, a full time photographer with a particular bug for everything surrounding the world of emotions, the unique and real universal language woven into all cultures of the earth.
That’s the reason why I thought of becoming first of all a wedding photographer, because weddings are performed since the earliest times and from people of different part of the world.
Sure, rites of marriage are different, but the background it’s the same and it’s called …. emotion. As Italian Wedding Photographer, with a preference for the documentary style, I’m fully committed to realize a storytelling photography of the day.

I roam around the event with the intent to capture the mood of the day, with the will of make eternal emotions of the newlyweds and their guests, with the passion to immortalize the wedding over the years through the images.
My objective is definitely to document the reality through photography and make sure that you feel forever all the emotion of the day whenever you will look the wedding photographs.
For sure every couple is unique in style, every story is fairy tale for itself and every wedding is once in a lifetime.
It goes without saying that each wedding reportage is a new creation of great memories, a tale of a set of emotions included in a collection of images.
Over the years I have found that a useful way to empathize with couples is to have a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement session or a lifestyle photo shoot.
This special meeting allows me to understand better their personality and wishes and at the same time prepares the bride and the groom to get comfortable in front of the camera.
For sure, as Italian wedding photographer devoted at the storytelling wedding photography, also known as wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography, my presence will be absolutely unobtrusive.
Throughout your Big Day, you will notice my presence only during certain points of the wedding: at bridal and grooms getting-ready time, at the exchange of rings and during the family group photo or creative portraits.
For the rest of the wedding’s day you never be aware of me and my cameras. You have just to be yourselves and enjoy completely your day, your love and your friends. As your personal Italian Wedding Photographer I will take care of all the rest.
Contact me : info@silviocanonico.com

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