Get married in Italy

Get married in Italy

Get married in Italy .. the intimate desire of romantic dreamers. The goal of all those couples who wish to crown their Love in the country of romance par excellence, namely get married in Italy. Exactly this sentimental feel has brought Valeria e Fabio to choose for their big day a fascinating abbey nestled on the hills of the charming Lake Maggiore: the Santo Spirito Abbey.





I met Valeria e Fabio while shooting a wedding of their friends exactly two years ago. Both are Italians but living abroad since several years. One day I received an e-mail from this fantastic couple, where they wrote of their upcoming wedding. I learned then that they wanted to come back “at home” for the event, in fact get married in Italy was their big desire. And the other wish that they had was that I should have been their photographer. I just sketched a happy smile: how to say no to Valeria’s blue eyes? Moreover I was connected with this guys already the first time I met them. Definitely sensitive guys as this spouses are just desirable for my wedding photography. When trust and empathy are being created between spouses and photographer it’s so natural to tell their Love Story in each single photograph. It’s simply a happiness to save all those moments who will be immortalized forever and that make the soul sing. I have given them all my passion on their wedding and it was a personal enrichment for me to share the big day with this guys and his relatives and friends. I could talk forever of this beautiful day. But let this fabulous storyboard talks directly through pictures, especially to who wishes to get married in Italy. From my soul to yours…

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